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Paris Day Trip : Deauville - Trouville

Day-Trip to Deauville from Paris : 16 km southwest of Honfleur via D 513, 92 km West of Rouen.

    The twin seaside resorts of Deauville and Trouville are separated by the estuary of the River Touques and joined by a bridge. The two towns have distinctly different atmospheres, but it's easy (and common) to shuttle between them. Trouville - whose beaches were immodeauvillertalized in the 19th century paintings of Eugène Boudin - is the oldest seaside resort in France. In the days of Louis-Philippe, it was discovered by artists and the upper crust, by the end of the Second Empire it was the beach à la mode. Then the Duc de Mornay, half brother of Napoléon III, and  other aristos who were looking for something more exclusive, built their villas along the deserted beach across the Touques. Thus was launched Deauville, a vigorous grande dame who started kicking up her heels during the Second Empire, kept swinging through the Belle Epoque, and is still frequented by a fair share of millionaires, princes,  and French movie stars. Few of them ever go near the water here, since other attractions : casino, theater, music hall, polo, galas, racecourse, marina and regattas, palaces and gardens, and Place Vendome jewelry shops - compete. The Promenade des Planches - the boardwalk extending along the seafront and lined with deck chairs, bars, and striped cabanas - is the place for celebrity spotting. With high-price hotels, designer boutiques, and one of the smartest gilt-edge casinos in Europe, Deauville's fashionable image still attracts the wealthy throughout the year.

    Deauville - a short drive or 5 minute boat trip across the Touques River from its more prestigious
neighbor - remains more a family resort, harboring few pretensions. If you'd like to see a typical french holiday spot rather than look for glamour, Trouville is your best bet. It, too, has a casino and boardwalk, plus an aquarium and busting fishing port, and a native population that makes it a livelier spot out of season than Deauville.  

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